Friday, 22 April 2011

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Market Traders 2...

Gary: 'I'm in bikes'

Carol: Sells toilet roll and wholesale

Morris: Sells bottled drinks

Micheal: Sells coffee sacks

Chris: Sells t.shirts 'three for a tenner'

Kevin: Sells C.Ds

Richard Lee: Sells bike parts

James: Sells Carpets

I revisited Brick Lane market to sought out some of the same characters and hoping to meet new ones. That I did.I photographed just sellers this time around and I have presented them with their stalls as the backdrop. I am becoming a familiar face in this little pocket of the East end market now, me with my camera that is, I feel building a trust from my subjects can help me develop this project further, and create more intimate and personal portraits.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Market Traders

‘Market Sellers’ celebrates the culture of the acclaimed historical market held in Brick Lane every Sunday. Often containing the same characters selling the same odds and ends every week, it is a place where little change occurs weekly, however in the long term this street culture seems to be disappearing. Huge business compounds are being built around these areas, the city is leaking in, but the market sellers are continuing to preserve their alternative and nonconformist charm that this market has always held. ‘Maria’ presented within this series is a portrait of an Italian lady whose trust I have gained allowing me to photograph her for four weeks. Maria sells her bric-a-brac on a blanket laid on the floor, she has to wait for a space to become available amongst the other stalls, as she is unable to get hold of a permanent license.

Market dwellers

My series 'Market dwellers' looks at the people who spend time at the market, not selling, and not always buying, but absorbing the atmosphere, people watching or taking part in the many social activities that occur. There is an interesting juxtaposition between the sellers who are dedicated to making a living and the ones for whom visit to spend their free time, both adoring the lifestyle for different purposes, yet similarly holding a certain eccentricity in their style and demeanour.

Monday, 21 February 2011

On the river

I took a trip down the river Thames and captured the few that were fishing. I unfortunately exposed the wrong film speed so they are not as vibrant as I hoped, I plan to reshoot, stretching further along the river . They are interesting characters, their hobby seemed pointless as no fish had been caught that day, yet there is something very interesting about there little nest of equipment set up upon the landscape.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The shoot

Groups of English farmers have practiced hunting and shooting for game birds for many years. It has become a major part of British rural culture, and this series captures and celebrates a small group of farmers in North Devon post-shoot. They are an interesting community of people with strong traditions that rarely get altered.