Friday, 29 October 2010


I stopped this man walking along side the river on the way to the allotments.

I found this man just around the corner from my house, he was happily cutting away at his hedges, but was so happy to have his portrait taken. "Its not everyday you get a young lady ask to take your picture, and you, you are nice to look at." ha!

On a rather unsuccessful day due to heaps of rain and a general lack of courage I stumbled across a very interesting character on a boat in Kingston. After loitering for at least 20 minuits I built up the confidence to approach him, only to find he was the nicest of gentlemen. I took 3 or 4 shots, this one being my favorite.

Saturday, 2 October 2010


I won a travel bursary to visit New York and take portraits on the streets. It undeniably took a lot of searching and a huge amount of courage, but I managed to find some inspirational eccentrics in Williamsburg and Coney island.
I find great pleasure to analyse the people I observe and to capture what people rarely stop to recognise or reflect upon. They are everyday people in their place of belonging, their own individual worlds become the backdrop. and they are blissfully unaware of the beauty they create. I am interested in how each individual expresses themselves whilst I simply approach them and ask to take their photograph. There is often humour to my choice in subject, yet I do not wish to mock them, rather to reveal a charming eccentricity, unveiling personalities which the viewers can enjoy.


This series of by-passers conveys a very mundane, yet interesting aspect of everyday life. It included stopping people outside of my house against a brick wall for an hour. There is a real sense of truthfulness as there was no control in my subject choice. They are average people living their day to day lives, popping to the shops or walking home from school. There is an interesting link between time passing, and everyone's wires crossing in the most ordinary of locations.